surnamed "Humanity Martin"
b. Feb, 1754
d. Jan 6, 1834
m 1. Feb 8, 1777 Elizabeth Vesey
m 2. June 5, 1796 Harriet Hesketh

Thomas Barnewall
b. Oct 4, 1786
d. April 23 1847
m. Feb 14, 1814
Julia Kirwan

b. Feb, 1785
d. April 23 1858
m. May 1808
Charles John

b. March 25, 1797
d. April 4, 1878
m. Nov 7, 1821
Emily Sylvia
d. April 4, 1878
The "Jane Rigby Family
begins with Richard
Julia Kirwan

b. July 5, 1801

b. Nov 23, 1806
d. Feb 11, 1840

The Family Tree is Too large to put on the website in its entirety. We have two parts to our family tree, the first known as 'The 'Archer Martin Family Genealogy' compiled in 1899 and the 'Jane Rigby Family Genealogy' compiled in 2000. To give you an idea of where in the family history we are concentrating on, we have put together parts of both genealogies (see below). You may purchase either genealogy for minimal cost, see the information below.

For a photo copy of the 'Archer Martin Family Genealogy' compiled in 1899 the cost is $2.50

For a copy of the 'Jane Rigby Family Genealogy'
compiled in 2000 the cost is $10.00.

All cheques should be made payable to: 'Descendants of The Reverend Richard Martin' and can be sent to the address on the Contact Us page.


The Family Tree OUR FAMILY TREE IS ON LINE! D'Arcy Richardson has diligently worked taking our paper copy and transmitting it over to an online version. He has also taken the initiative to meet with family members near and far to scan their photos and add them to the details. Our desire is to have a photo for every member of our family dating from 1754 to present! We can also ad video and audio clips. If you have photos that can be scanned and put up or you would like to do an interview of a member of our family - please email us! We plan to constantly update the tree as we receive more images - come and check back often. We hope you enjoy it!


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